August 11, 2014

C & C on the Move: NYC Girls Weekend

You know when you're in a funk? Come on, we've all been there. My most recent bout ended this weekend (thank the lord). A little pick-me-up arrived in the form of a girls weekend in New York. On Friday my D.C. friend Hilary and I hopped on the train bound for the big city to visit our friend Danielle for a few days of food, fitness, and good old-fashioned fun with friends. We booked a room at the Duane Street Hotel in Tribeca, close to Danielle's apartment. After a quick workout at the nearby Equinox (the hotel has passes), we headed for a crazy delicious dinner at Locanda Verde (you may remember I ate there last fall with my mom and sister). This is one place you don't want to pass up the bread basket...and don't worry, we didn't. 

When you eat like we do, it's important to balance it out with exercise. Danielle is a Soul Cycle devotee and took us to our first class in Noho. Talk about a sweat fest. 

After a little stroll around the neighborhood with our La Columbe coffee (I just realized they have one in DC!) it was back to get ready for brunch. 

Danielle rolled out the red carpet for us, dishing up all of New York's finest. We brunched at Rosemary's in the Village - an Italian enoteca and trattoria. It was a beautiful New York morning and perfect for al fresco dining. Did I mention how good the food was? 

But we couldn't sit idle too long! Off to Brooklyn we went to check out Smorgusburg, a "flea food market" in Williamsburg. 

The choices were endless. And although we didn't eat anything, it was a feast for the eyes. I definitely did some advance work for another trip back during Jets football season. Dr. B will love it. 

Somehow we did find room for ice cream from Ample Hills Creamery. A friend that lives in Brooklyn recently posted a picture of her son with a cone of "chocolate milk and cookies" and I knew this was on  the food "to do" list. It was worth every calorie burned that morning at Soul Cycle. I also got mint chocolate flake, and while good, it was no match for the chocolate.

From there we went back across the Brooklyn Bridge to Ground Zero. I really wanted to see the 9-11 Memorial and Freedom Tower up close. It was incredibly somber. Next trip I need to visit the museum, which people say is really incredible. We also made a quick stop at Century 21 where I scored a $995 pair of Calvin Klein trousers for $49.00 (yes, you read that right). 

A quick shower and we were ready to eat again. Danielle had another delectable meal in store for us at Raoul's in Soho. You know a restaurant is good when it has survived in NY since the early 70s. It felt like Paris in New York (minus the New Yorkers), and the food did not disappoint. My favorite dish of the night was a steamed artichoke filled with pickled vegetables, a side of quinoa, and Raoul's famous dressing. I don't know what was in it, but I get why it's famous. 

And if we hadn't eaten enough, we made one last stop at Ferrara Bakery and Cafe, a fifth-generation owned business, for dessert in little Italy. I also had to pick up some cannolis for Dr. B (his favorite). 

But it didn't end there. The next morning, we had to go big, before we had to go home. We ended the weekend with breakfast at Bubby's. This might have been my favorite spot of the weekend - and here's why. We don't have any good breakfast spots in D.C. I know that's a bold statement, but in my mind it's true. Bubby's is the perfect breakfast place. The coffee was good (and strong), the menu options were endless, and the atmosphere was just what you'd want for your Sunday. Even our waiter Sam was charming. 

Thanks girls for kicking me out of my funk. I had the best time playing in New York. Can't wait for our next trip. 

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