July 7, 2014

Got Recipes?

Happy Monday! Katie here...

It's summer, and that means Mother Earth is in all her glory, delivering the most delicious ingredients for your eating pleasure. So where do you go for good recipes? Here are my three favorite sites, along with some recipes on my "to make" list.

Three Many Cooks

Regan and I met Pam and Maggie, two of the three many cooks, at Rancho La Puerta (aka Heaven on Earth) almost four years ago where Pam was the guest chef. Ever since, their blog has been a staple in my cooking regiment (I'm obsessed with their chicken noodle soup). Right now I'm dying to make this recipe for eggs baked in chickpea tomato sauce with baby spinach

Dishing Up the Dirt

I've shared recipes for smoothies, brunch, and dinner from Dishing Up the Dirt and if you haven't tried Andrea's dishes before, this is your chance. Not only does she have some mean cooking skills, she and her husband are farmers - growing most of their own ingredients. This beet pesto pizza with goat cheese would be perfect for a hot and humid summer evening. 


I know we probably sound like a broken record here, but barre3 is kind of the place to be - both for food and working out. I'm a regular on the barre3 iphone app for recipe ideas - especially during the week - quick and healthy is the name of the game. This summer gazpacho with grilled shrimp packs a veggie punch with the added bonus of protein. With the summer humidity in full effect here in D.C., this recipe is on my short list. 

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