June 5, 2014

Products We Love: Zico

I've got a wicked sweet tooth - more like a mouth full of sweet teeth. And it's definitely an effort of crazy self-restraint to keep it in check. A friend recently introduced me to Zico chocolate coconut water, and let me tell you, my sweet teeth and I, we're SOLD. 

It's like chocolate milk…but not…it's better! It's the perfect solution to my 3:00 craving to raid every candy jar at work. I buy mine at Trader Joe's, right by the almond milk. I'm hoping Costco has it too! Make sure to drink it well-refrigerated. 

Next up on my list, try this delicious smoothie recipe from their website. I think I'd substitute the vanilla protein powder for some spinach. Gotta get your greens! 

Any Zico drinkers out there? 


  1. i ALWAYS see these at the grocery store and i really want to try them but i read a terrible review of them on a blog once. i think i'm going to buy one to try next time i'm at the grocery store (i need to break my 3 pm sweets habit!)

    1. thanks for the recommendation btw! they are really good! :)