June 11, 2014

Birkenstock Bandwagon

We've had lots of inquiries lately about the C&C stance on Birkenstocks (more than three this week), so I thought it was time to address the issue. Birkenstocks are back, and surprisingly "on trend"....who would have thought?

Let me start by saying that for years I have called Birkenstocks "Jesus Sandals". I've never been much of a fan of the traditional style, no matter how comfortable everyone claims them to be.

That said, I'm not totally against them. Let me be clear though, I think Birkenstocks are appropriate for the casual and comfortable look, not for dressing up. They are not chic, but they can be cute.

Case in point. These women are all wearing casual and comfortable outfits with Birkenstocks, and they look cute.

They do NOT, however, make a positive contribution to this look. I get it, she's going for effortless, but I am certain that she could have worn nearly any other style of shoe and looked just as effortless and far more chic. 

So, what is my stance? Well, if I was considering jumping on the Birkenstock bandwagon (which I might be), these would be my top choices, the gold being my favorite.

Madrid' Birko-Flor™ Sandal

So, are you on the Birkenstock Bandwagon? 


  1. You know my thoughts- I was soo on the fence until I saw those Loeffler Randall sandals, so I jumped on board. Although I haven't worn them yet and am not sure the Georgia gals will get my look...

  2. I'm a huge fan and really like the updated looks they've added.

  3. while i'm not a fan of birkenstocks, i think it's cool (or at least edgy) that they're making a comeback with fashionistas. i would probably never buy birkenstock sandals though; they remind me of the hippie guy in Clueless, lol.