April 17, 2014

Happy Birthday Keeping it Real

It seemed fitting to take to the interwebs to memorialize my birthday wishes to my sweet niece, the mini fashionista, on her 3rd birthday. 

When babies are born in families, you hear a lot of talk about the grandparents and how that first grandchild will change everything. And in our family, that's no exception. I've seen a side of my dad I never saw before...and it makes me love him even more. It warms my heart. And if only you could see the way she follows my mom around like she has the key to all the fun in the world....absolute preciousness. But what isn't talked about as much is the treat of becoming an aunt. 

I never knew the love I could feel for a child until this little person entered the world. Maybe because Regan and I are twins, or maybe it's just the beauty of being an aunt - either way it's one of the most special parts of my life. I can't imagine the love I will feel for my own child if it tops this!

Despite being on the other side of the country, I've watched her grow up (thanks Face Time) from a little tiny thing to a smart, hilarious, funny, and pretty little girl. 

And along the way, not only have I felt the most wonderful joy from being an aunt, but also watching my twin sister, my best friend, take to motherhood so naturally. She is loving, a nurturer, a teacher, and has some ridiculous patience....I hope someday to be the kind of mother she is. The mini has one bright future with a mom like hers. 

So while I can't be there to sing and tell her in person, I hope the mini's third year brings as much fun and joy as the last three. I know with a personality like hers, the best is yet to come. 

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