February 4, 2014

The Juice on Juicing

I've been wanting to try a three-day juice for a while, but just hadn't gotten around to it. Combine curiosity and some excessive eating and drinking through the holidays, and I was primed to leave chewing behind. Friends have tried Blue Print and other programs, but I recently learned of JRINK, a local company that offers a three-day reboot and will deliver. Sold. 

I thought for sure this three-day exercise would make me feel like Bear Grylls, trapped in the backcountry with only one water bottle and a granola bar to survive. Quite the contrary. With the exception of the third day when I did a pretty hard workout, I wasn't hungry, my constant headache was gone, and I felt great. Despite feeling a bit anti-social, you don't realize what creatures of eating we are, juicing was a piece of cake (or a healthy bottle of juice :-). 

The Reboot Package includes 6 juices per day and one Superfood bar. By far my favorite juice was the last of the day - Build Me Up is a delicious combination of almond, agave, cinnamon, and vanilla. It was just the right amount of sweetness. I also really liked the Wake Me Up (orange, carrot, grapefruit, and ginger) and the Pick Me Up (beet, carrot, orange and apple). You drink two Fuel Me Ups during the day (pear, kale, cucumber, romaine, and lemon) and while I do like green juice and this was good, the cucumber flavor was a little overwhelming. The third juice of the day, Clean Me Up (lemon, cayenne, and agave) was a little spicy for my taste - and I like spicy foods. While I did drink it, I'd go a little lighter on the cayenne.

I give the three-day JRINK Reboot two thumbs up. I feel great and am definitely motivated to get back on track with my eating and working out. Bonus for me, they sell their juices at Teaism right by my office which is much more convenient than their Union Market location. 

What's your take on juicing? 


  1. So funny that you should post this today! I'm on day two of the JRINK Reboot. I agree 100% about the juices - love Build Me Up and Wake Me Up - but Clean Me Up is SO spicy!!! I'm also really surprised by how not-hungry I am. Unfortunately I don't think juicing is for me - I've had terrible headaches both days and feel weak and dizzy and somewhat feverish. But I'm sticking it out through day three and I'm really excited about starting a healthy new diet on solids :)

  2. Dear Nicole:

    Maybe try juicing one more time before you call it quits. The headaches and dizziness you have are not from the juicing...well not exactly....I mean it is happening while you are juicing but the juicing isn't necessarily what is causing it. What happens when you juice is that you are detoxing. The detoxing is releasing toxins from your body which is a process that may cause some dizziness or headaches. Also, if you're used to drinking coffee and/or sodas the dizziness and headaches are signs of withdrawal (not from the juice). So, while you were having a hard time, the juice was doing exactly what it was supposed to do. Hopefully, you go through the third day and that you will give juicing another go! Its so worth it!