December 6, 2013

Products We Love: The Container Store Wrapping Paper

As someone once told me, I'm an organizational wizard...others might call it OCD or type A. Whatever it is, The Container Store caters to it. You want organized, they can make it happen. Add in awesome customer service and friendly associates, and I'm sold. What you might not know about The Container Store is their incredible assortment of wrapping paper - or "Gift Wrap Wonderland." It's a rainbow of colors and patterns and I can't help but feel in the Christmas spirit just thinking about it.  

While you can get all of their paper online, there's nothing like going into the store to see the assortment in person. I'm still deciding what combo I'll be using. I bought so much last year (tweed, polka dots, stripes) I've got leftovers...which isn't to say I won't be adding to my collection. 

This combo is at the top of my list. The gold, green, and safari animals would be an incredible pairing under any tree. I love how sophisticated it is, while still in the holiday spirit. 

Green Trellis Foil Gift Wrap
Wild Holiday Animals Gift Wrap

You can never go wrong with tartan plaid. Add reindeer and this is a match made in heaven.  

Tartan Plaid Embossed Wrap
Reindeer in Garlands Foil Gift Wrap
For a more modern look, I love this red berry branch gift wrap.

Red Berry Branch Gift Wrap
If I was wrapping your gift, what paper would you pick?


  1. I really like the shiny polka dot wrapping paper from your picture...middle left picture!!