December 19, 2013

Get the Gimmies

As children Katie and I were big readers of the Berenstain Bears….cute books, good life lessons and nice illustrations.

If you too were a fan, do you remember the book "Berenstain Bears Get the Gimmies"? Well, right now I feel like I have a major case of the gimmies. During the holidays we are constantly bombarded with gift guides, sales, and special shopping events and it's impossible not to want EVERYTHING!

Everything..including this "coatigan" from ASOS.

ASOS has been giving me the gimmies a lot lately. They are killing it right now…on trend, quick shipping, free returns and the prices are awesome! I find it oh so hard to say "no", but I will have to….just like Brother and Sister bear. I can't have everything I want. Why is that such a hard lesson to learn? 

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