December 13, 2013

Dress me Up

I've been on a hunt for a new dress. Remember this one I posted a few weeks ago? I never ordered it.

Ivy & Blu Maggy Boutique on sale $100.99

Then I became obsessed with this dress from ASOS. I ordered it on sale for only $150. 

You may have seen it worn by Blair of Atlantic Pacific in a recent post in the Green version. Of course, that color is now sold out. 

Well, I got the dress, and loved it…well, I loved the idea of it. But functionally, it just wasn't the right fit. First, I couldn't wear a bra because of the open back, and my non-existent chest looked barrel-ish. Second, the dress is SUPER delicate. The sequins fall of really easily, so basically this dress is just made for standing around like the model in the picture above. Movement need not apply. Reluctantly I sent it back. 

So, on to the next…my last hope before two upcoming holiday events, this dress, also from ASOS. I saw this dress on the blog Koko Likes! It has great shape, a fun print, is versatile and was on sale for only $48! 

Katie ended up ordering the dress as well. Stay tuned to future posts to see if either of us kept it and how we wore it! 

1 comment:

  1. LOVE that ASOS dress, I really wanted to get it, but agree with the back! And good to know about the material!