November 21, 2013

C & C in the Kitchen - Ladies that Brunch

I recently had some friends (all of which I met through blogging) over for brunch. I do love to entertain in our home...especially if it involves setting the table. It's like when Regan and I were little and played Barbies...we'd spend hours "setting up" our rooms and homes for the dolls to make sure everything was just right. 

But this isn't Barbies, and once I set up, I had to fill the plates too. Game on. One of my friends is vegan, so I got to try out some new recipes, all of which I'd recommend to you! Dishing Up the Dirt has been a go-to lately and the Almond Amazeballs did not disappoint. Next time I'll add more coconut oil or almond butter to make them a little less crumbly. I could have eaten all 12 of these by myself. 

For the main course I made a sweet potato oatmeal breakfast casserole. If you like oatmeal and sweet potatoes this is for you. Instead of the topping (I didn't have a vegan butter substitute), I just used crumbled pecans. This was actually better as leftovers than day-of. I took it to work for breakfast the next few mornings. 

Last, but not least, we had to get our fruits and vegetables. Everyone likes fruit salad and you can never go wrong with a smoothie. The Perfect Green Smoothie (also from Dishing up the Dirt) is my new favorite. 

Add a good dose of gab to the meal, and we could have sat at the table all day. Any favorite brunch recipes?

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  1. You did a fabulous job as host... and cook! The food was delicious.