October 18, 2013

A Little Self Promotion

Today is a bit of self promotion, I recently filmed another online workout for barre3, and today it is live on the barre3 website. The workout is called Interval Strength and it is a total butt kicker. This workout is a 40 minute workout full of heart pumping, high energy movements that will challenge even the most athletic viewer.

If you are not a subscriber to barre3 online workouts, I highly suggest you try it. For only $15 it's a great way to get amazing workouts, at home for a minimal cost. 

Speaking of a great deal (sorry to sound like an infomercial), but earlier this week barre3 launched it's first ever mobile app! For only $4.99 you can get access to workouts, recipes and daily tips on how to live a more balanced and healthy life. You can download the link here

Introducing the barre3 Mobile App from Chris Lincoln on Vimeo.

Enjoy the weekend!

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