September 24, 2013

Stitch Fix Success!

News alert. I had my most successful Stitch Fix yet! If you missed my earlier posts about this great service, it's something you reluctant or time-constrained shoppers don't want to miss. While I'm short on time, I'm not short on love for retail therapy in any form - online, in-store, or through Stitch Fix. I'm an equal opportunity retail enthusiast - which basically translates to I'm going to do it all. 

Since only one shirt from my first three Fixes was a keeper, I was glad to get a comprehensive note from my "stylist" who talked about why she chose this box's pieces. I recently updated my style profile with a pinterest board, my twitter feed, and a link to the blog so they can get a sense of my aesthetic...and I'm definitely encouraged by the progress. 

Let's start with what went back. The dress on the left was cute, but not something I needed, and the fit wasn't that great. When it comes to a sheath dress, I'm a stickler for perfection (and you should be too - this is an important staple in any wardrobe). The fit-and-flare style of the dress on the right, while cute on many, isn't for me. But the black and blue color combo is always a favorite. 

Filling my need for fall pieces, they sent an adorable printed shawl cardigan (obviously a keeper), along with a black coat. The fit was flattering, but since I was keeping the sweater and the fabric was a little rough, it went back. 

Last, but not least, this pair of printed skinny pants. I'm not afraid of a bold pattern (remember this ASOS dress) - if it's just right - but I wasn't sure about these at first. All it took was a quick try on to seal the deal. The fit is perfect, the length is spot on (which never happens for us tall girls), and I don't have anything like them. 

Two out of five - I consider that a big success - especially with some of the other items I stocked up on for fall (to be continued with some outfit posts). 

You should definitely check out Stitch Fix if you're looking for a few fall pick-me-ups. You deserve it!


  1. I love the printed cardigan!! Are these things that you can get from an online store or exclusively through stitch fix?

  2. Heather, I'm not sure. I've tried to look up a few things, but haven't found them. That being said, I've gotten some brands that I know well and I'm sure you can find their stuff somewhere online.