September 5, 2013

Currently Coveting

I love ASOS, and I nearly always have saved items just waiting to be added to my shopping cart! Here is a peek at what I am currently coveting! I'm hoping to transition at least one of these items from my shopping cart to my closet. I do have a birthday coming up...hint, hint!

This sweater is so me. Simple and with a pop of prep! Who doesn't love elbow patches? Especially striped ones.

I blogged about this sweater a while back. I haven't yet purchased it, but I still love it!

This sweater isn't necessarily what I would first gravitate towards (see above stripes for my natural tendencies). That said, my lifestyle is casual, and sometimes I feel like I need to "sex" it up a bit. This could be the perfect way! I don't workout just to keep it all covered! And this sweater definitely shows the perfect amount of skin. I really love it, and I might need to have it!

I have been looking for a jacket like this for a year and until now hadn't found the right one. This item probably has the highest probability of making it into my closet!

And this top...It's fabulous. Enough said!

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