September 16, 2013

C & C Around the House

If you read the blog, you know we are big fans of Irene Wood and her incredible jewelry. What you may not know is that Irene is also an artist. A fellow Whitman College graduate, I was first introduced to her artwork by Whittie and friend Kate of Kate Collins Interiors over two years ago. I immediately fell in love with her work and knew that some day I'd have one of her pieces in my home. Checking back regularly to see what she was working on, last year I came upon this piece on her website. It was love at first site. And we finally had a home to hang it in. But the 4' x 4' dimensions weren't quite right for the space (it's still for sale). 

Flora's Wasteland

After a few emails back and forth, and convincing Dr. B that a painting should be a first anniversary present (paper...canvas...they're basically the same thing), we'd commissioned our own Irene Wood. 

We picked it up on our first football trip to New York and it's now in our living room - the first anything to be hung on our walls since we moved in over a year ago. And I can't think of a better first in honor of our first anniversary. Now on to all the other walls. 

If you want your own Irene Wood (who wouldn't) she currently has an amazing collection of paintings available for a range of prices. Here are a few of my favorites. 

Where the Trees Meet the Sea

Bathed in Fog

The Silence



  1. Hey. I really like your blog! I am trying to get hold of a zara tartan scarf that features in your post here:
    If you ever consider selling it please let me know! I would pay £60 for it!!
    Lucy ( x

  2. Absolutely, stunning!! I love it. And it's so perfect for your home. Thanks for the link up as well. I'm so happy I introduced you to Irene's fab work.

    1. Thanks Kate! And thank you for helping our living room reach its fullest potential :-) Now we just need a chair and it's done...for a while at least :-)