August 26, 2013

Happy Anniversary

Today my +1 and I celebrate seven years of marriage! Where does the time go?

Yesterday, Katie and Dr. B celebrated their first anniversary!

So, in honor of both of our anniversaries, I thought I would share some advice I gave in my Maid of Honor Toast. I had one piece of advice for every year of my marriage.

1. Don’t keep score. Relationships are meant to be 50/50, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be times when one of you gives more than the other.

2. Don't push buttons. Just because you know what buttons to push to irritate one another, doesn’t mean you should do it.

3. Focus on the big picture.  Don’t let the small things of day to day life let you forget about what matters most, your family, and the love you have for one another. The rest is trivial in comparison.

4. Marriage is work. Your job as a husband and wife is the toughest one you have, so work at it like you would any other job, with conviction, dedication, honesty, love and thoughtfulness.

5. Do it Yourself. If you need something done a certain way and within a certain time frame, just do it yourself!

And most importantly...

6. Celebrate your love.  Remember the love that you felt on your wedding day, and celebrate that love everyday, for the rest of your lives.

And let me add my 7th piece of advice, since it's now been seven years...Communicate! The other day I heard someone say "50% of marriages end in divorce because no one teaches couples how to communicate". I think she was on to something.

So for all of you married people and for those of you in a committed relationship, remember these things. I promise they will help you to have a happy and lasting marriage!

Here's to many more years of wedded bliss for all of us!

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