August 19, 2013

C & C on the Move

Last week Dr. B & I headed an hour North to Gibson Island. 

What?! That view exists just an hour outside of Washington, D.C.? I know, I was just as surprised as you are. To top it off, we rolled up there in this beauty - the new Ford Explorer Sport. Hello blogger perk! Ford thought it would be fun for me to try it out for the week. And let me tell you, it was (more to come on that later).

The island, situated on the Chesapeake Bay and the Magothy River, has some beautiful houses. I told Dr. B he needs to find some extra pennies under the mattress so we can buy one (or maybe I'll start playing the Power Ball). 

Our gracious hosts are just as active as we are, so we really experienced all the island has to offer. D and I started out our morning with a six mile walk...just your average scenery, nothing to see here...

Meanwhile, the boys golfed (they've got a well-manicured 9-hole course) and little Mac, our friends' dog, held down the fort. It was a tough job, but he was equal to the task. 

Thankfully we had the Explorer to load up all our gear. From kayaks to golf clubs this car is made for people on the go. 

This is the face of pure relaxation and happiness. I can't wait for our next trip back to the bay!

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