July 30, 2013

Products We Love

A few months ago, my good friend SW and I were discussing the items we had "on hold" in our Amazon "shopping carts". One of her items was The Wet Brush.

I knew nothing about it, but subsequently added it to my cart as well. I know she has good taste, so I figured I must want one too. I ordered it thinking it would be good for the Mini Fashionista. Her hair is curly and very easily gets to be a tangled disaster, especially after swimming lessons.

For weeks I have used it on her hair, and then just the other day, I tried it on mine. WOW! I Love it! This brush is fantastic for brushing wet hair (go figure) and dry hair. It gives your scalp a nice massage, runs easily through tangles, comes in a variety of colors and most importantly doesn't cost a lot of money. 

So, if you are in the market for a new brush, I highly recommend The Wet Brush! You can even buy a Mini Brush for your purse or for your Mini!


  1. I bought this brush on the recommendation of a co-worker. I have extremely thick hair. The brush didn't work very well on my hair and actually caused a lot of breakage. I've found that wide tooth combs work well on my long, wet, thick hair. Just wanted to let other ladies out there know it might not work on their thick hair.

  2. Rylee hates to have her hair brushed because of tangles. Might need to try this.