June 19, 2013

Products We Love

I know that not all of our readers are moms, but I also know a good number of you are. Based on the results of our recent survey, we know that many of you enjoy the parenting/child related posts, and of course some of you don't. That said, we will do our best to keep things balanced and have a little of something for everyone. 

Today's "Products We Love" is for those of you with children in you lives. How many of you use or have used a chair in your kitchen to let your child help with cooking? I'm guilty...

As you know, it isn't the safest way to engage your child in the kitchen! That's where The Learning Tower comes in!

I love it because it keeps the Mini Fashionista safe when she's helping in the kitchen. It also makes for a great place to read!

The Learning Tower  is a step stool with an adjustable platform that can bring children right up to the counter eliminating all the risks of standing on a chair or sitting on the counter.

It can be used in bathrooms, shops and other places where children want to see what's going on and to help.And when you don't need it in the kitchen, it makes a great fort or puppet theater!

The Learning Tower can be found online at a variety of retailers and most are around $200. I would highly suggest checking Craigslist or with your other mom friends to see if anyone has one they are trying to get rid of before buying one new. We were lucky enough to receive our tower from my friend MVK! She's most awesome!

Let the learning begin! 

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