March 5, 2013

Italy, Take 1

Part two of our European adventure took us to Asiago, Italy for my +1 to compete in the XC Master's World Championships. Asiago is located about an hour and a half West of Venice on a mountain plateau. The racing took place at the Asiago golf club/Meltar Boutique Hotel and Spa. 

Unfortunately we were not able to stay there, but we did spend countless hours at the beautiful clubhouse, drinking cappuccino, eating pasta, and watching the races.

My +1 raced three times during the week, a 10K, 30K and 45K.

The Mini and I were his biggest fans, cheering him along on the course. 

We also spent a lot of time hanging out. 


What else did we do during our week in Asiago besides ski and spectate? Well, we did lots of eating...this was the breakfast at our hotel every morning. Good thing the barre3 "28 to Great" challenege was over! 

I did lots of barre3 workouts in the hotel room, with some instruction from the Mini. 

And on one of the days off from racing, we took a day trip to Venice.

Only one more European vacation post left, our final stop Fie allo Sciliar in the Dolomites. Stay tuned!

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  1. Good to read you enjoyed Italy! And looking forward to seeing about the Sciliar area... in the heart of Dolomites! <3