January 8, 2013

28 to Great

As many of you know, I am an instructor at barre3 (read more about my barre3 journey here) in Portland, and Katie works out at the barre3 in Georgetown. 

Yesterday began barre3's new year challenge called "28 to Great". Clients are challenged over the next four weeks to do barre3 (and some sort of additional activity: running, walking, etc.) six days a week. 

My barre3 "arm candy". I decided these hair ties make great workout bracelets! 

The barre3 workouts can be done in the studio, online or a combination of the two. The challenge also includes a nutrition plan created by Andrea Nakayama of Replenish PDX.  

It may surprise you, but this is the first time I have ever participated in any sort of a workout/nutrition "challenge". For the most part I lead a balanced life, exercising, eating well and splurging when I want to. So what motivated me to join? Well, there is always room for improvement in our lives, so why not. Here are a few of my motivations for participating in "28 to Great"!

1) Since having a baby I find that eating a full, healthy lunch has become a challenge. I spend so much time preparing food for the Mini Fashionista that my needs are often overlooked. One day in, and I already see how my lunch is healthier and more filling.  

2) We eat a lot of fruit, but sometimes I fall short on the vegetables. The challenge has me thinking more about veggies, veggies, veggies, which is always a good thing.

3) I'm competitive, and I love a good challenge, so bring it! 

It's not too late for anyone who wants to join. You can find more info here. I promise to report back in the coming weeks on how it is going. Katie has a lot of travel planned in the next month, so this will definitely be a challenge for her, but I know she is equal to the task. 

In the mean time, let me share my new favorite snack recipe, the barre3 bar!! 

barre3 bar
These bars are so easy to make you can whip them up within minutes. They don’t need to bake and all you need is a glass dish and a food processor.Feel free to adapt the recipe to suit your needs. Sample before pressing into the dish and adapt anything to taste.
6 dates, pitted
2 TBS coconut oil
1⁄4 cup sunflower butter or almond butter
1⁄4 cup goji berries (raisins work too)
1⁄4 cup shredded coconut flakes
1⁄4 cup ground flax2 tsp ground cinnamonaCouple pinches of sea salt (unless sunflower or almond butter is salted)1 cup almonds
Handful of cacao nibs or dark chocolate chips (I prefer cacao nibs)
1 . Place the pitted dates and coconut oil in the base of your food processor. Add the seed or nut butter. Whirl these three ingredients until blended.
2. Add the goji berries or raisins, the coconut flakes, the ground flax, the cinnamon and the sea salt and whirl in the food processor again, until the mixture is well incorporated. It’s OK if its a bit more chunky at this point.
3. Add the almonds and the cacao nibs or chocolate chips and pulse your food processor until you have a chunky mass that looks like cookie dough.
4. Scoop dough-like mixture into a 8×8 glass container and press the mixture down with the back of a spoon.5. Store in the fridge for at least one hour to harden. Cut into bars to grab-and-go to your barre3 class and store extras in the refrigerator.

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