November 7, 2012

Reader Request - Bridesmaid Shoes

A reader sent me a note recently for some wedding attire advice. I'm not going to say I'm an expert, but I've certainly got some recent experience. She is a bridesmaid in a wedding this January in Seattle. The ceremony is early evening in a church, and this is the bridesmaids' dress.

The bride has chosen bright pink as her accent color, and my friend was asking for some advice on what shoes to wear. Depending on the bride's other accent colors, I think black, gold, or silver are all options. Here are a few ideas all under $100.

Nine West 'Flax' - $39.99 (gold) $69 (silver)


  1. Beautiful picks as ALWAYS! Thank you so much. All the bridesmaids are going shopping this weekend and we'll have this print out in hand. Can't wait to show you what we find!

  2. The Nina pumps are incredibly comfortable!!! Perfect for a day on your feet and a night of dancing :)