September 12, 2012

Worth Sharing

Sometimes I find something so fabulous that I wonder if I should just keep it to myself? I know that sounds selfish, but with social networking and communication running at the speed of light, is anything really unique and authentic anymore? Not really, but I guess that is why I love reading other blogs, looking at Pinterest, Instagram, facebook, etc.... I digress....anyway, a few weeks ago on the blog Sadie and Stella I spotted this fantastic Gigi python tote with a gold embossed monogram. This bag looks expensive like a Goyard or Louis Vuitton but is actually a fraction of the price at only $285. Doesn't it look far more expensive?

And it comes in a variety of really fantastic colors. Which would you choose? 

The pink or orange would be my choice. This is being added to my birthday wish list!


  1. Love that bag!! I'd need the tan one, please!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  2. oooh i want the pink one! & yes, with monograms pls!