May 4, 2012

No Coverage Necessary

There's no denying it, my chest is flat. I'm not saying perfectly flat, but nearly so. That said, I am always looking for dresses that enhance what little assets I have. My inspiration for this post came from this TLH by Hype Bow Front Dress.  The bow is the perfect detail to add volume to the chest in a figure flattering way, and it's only $89!

A few general rules for choosing dresses when you have a small bust: 1) ruffles and ruching create fullness 2) silhouettes with a defined and/or belted waist create the illusion of a larger bust 3) avoid styles with built in darts or structure that you won't fill out 4) look for empire, A line and fitted sheath dresses that add definition to the chest area. Here are a few other dresses I would suggest for anyone with a small bust. 

Shoshanna Mylie Ionian Mosaic Print Silk Dress $375

This dress is my favorite of the list. Clearly this requires a small chest because this dress can only be worn without a traditional bra. The color combo, the print and the draping are to die for! And pockets, it has pockets!!!

Today, we're off to Chicago for Katie's girls' weekend, so look for an update next week of all the fun!

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  1. I can totally relate! All of my big busted friends are always jealous of the backless dresses I can wear that they can't- its the one perk of being flat!