May 8, 2012

Met Gala Take Two

Here are Katie's picks of the good (and the bad) from the Met Ball. The commentary is all mine though. Hopefully I will serve her well. 

Leslie Bibb in Zac Posen. This was Katie's favorite of the night, and I have to say, mine too. Now that is a costume gala dress!

Jenna Lyons in god knows what? Seriously? Did Ralph Lauren invite her to the RRL ranch after the event? I'm sure she flies private, so she would have plenty of time to change...

Amber Valletta in Prada

 Dianna Agron in Caroline Herrera

Katharine McPhee in Elie Saab

Amber Heard in Zac Posen

Did you notice Zac Posen dressed a lot of these leading ladies. Well done Zac!

1 comment:

  1. They are all so gorgeous! What was Jenna Lyons thinking?