March 9, 2012

H&M Fail

You will probably figure out from the title of today's post that yesterday's trip to H&M for the Marni collection was a total bust. I arrived a little after 9:30 and there was no one there....that was because the Portland store didn't receive the Marni Collection! Fail!

Anyway, my friend Amy and I still enjoyed meeting up with our dueling Bumbleride Strollers, and I walked away with a few fun pieces.

This cute hat was $12.95 and will be perfect for my upcoming trip to Mexico! The gingham shirt is also H&M, but I purchased it a few months back.

They had this striped shirt with button detail (on the shoulder and sleeves) in a variety of colors. I think this is a great combo for spring and a nice departure from navy and white.

And finally, I picked up this paisley dress that will look great with gold sandals, and I also have some cute yellow flats that will coordinate well.

I almost got these amazing pants (navy with red and white polka dots), but the 4 was a bit too tight, and they didn't have a 6. Another FAIL for H&M! But cute would this stripe and dot combo be? Now that I am looking at it, I am so tempted to go back and get the pants and the shirt..even if I wouldn't be able to sit down in them!

Anyway, No Marni to be found at H&M in Portland, but all in all it was a successful shopping trip!


  1. Cute choices! Planning a trip to H&M soon - the new SLC downtown shopping center opens in a couple weeks and includes an H&M!

  2. Love those pants! I hope they have them in DC! :)

  3. Oh now what a bummer! Love the hat and pants- so fun!

  4. It was a fun morning indeed. I was ruminating to Blaise on our walk home about how good mommy was for not buying anything, and of course, I am still kind of pining for a few things I saw. What can I say, spring is in the air. Good thing we are getting out of town this weekend!

    Regan, you look fab in all purchases, well done!