February 28, 2012

Sun Valley, Idaho - Vaca Recap

Dr. B and I are back from our week in my hometown of Sun Valley, Idaho. We got a lot done on the wedding, which is good, since we won't be back until a week before the actual day, just under six months away! As vacations always do, this one went by much too quickly. 

We did all of my favorite outdoor activities--skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, and walking around town. Right by the church where we are getting married there was this awesome art installation. Too bad Dr. B already proposed!

Of course we made a stop at our dear friend's AH-MAZING consignment store, Consign Design, where among some amazing fashion finds, I found this little gem, CoCo. Needless to say, I didn't get to come home with her. Check back tomorrow for what I did buy! 

On Thursday Regan and the mini fashionista came to town! We hosted a baby shower for our oldest and dearest friend. Check out this homemade caramel corn we whipped up for the fete. It was delish! I got the bags and some other party supplies from The Sugar Diva.

Regs and I got to ski together, which we hadn't done in six years! It was a bluebird Sun Valley day. Don't mind the helmets. When you're throwing yourself down a mountain at high speeds, function wins over fashion. Once a ski racer, always a ski racer. 

On Saturday dear family friends hosted a wedding shower for me. The limelight was shared with the mini, who stole the show! I mean look at her, she even knows how to mix patterns appropriately and she's only 10 months old. 

Now I'm back in D.C., and Regan is back in Portland. But we'll always have C & C to keep us together! XOXO


  1. Love all the Land's End Canvas gingham. The mini fashionista is super cute! Good luck with the remainder of the wedding planning!

  2. you two know how to DO it right in Sun Valley!!!!!! great pics :)