February 16, 2012

Splurge vs. Save

Kate Middleton has become a style icon, and rightfully so. Now all of us commoners, including me, want to dress just like the duchess. She is frequently seen wearing the L.K. Bennett Maddox Wedge, which are pretty fabulous, like everything she wears, but for 175 pounds, they are not priced for the commoners. 

Here's an affordable option that looks nearly exactly the same, and they only cost $35. I don't know where the closest JCP is (that's JC Penny's new name...if you haven't heard), but I might just have to find it and get my hands on this wedge!

Worthington Emma Wedge $35


  1. Super cute! and I'm kinda loving JCP's rebrand! I haven't been in yet, but their ads are totally convincing me to take a look!

  2. I love the wedge :) I feel much more confident walking in them. Please feel free to check me out and follow if you like