February 13, 2012

The Show Must Go On

This year the Grammy's red carpet was no doubt overshadowed by the death of the music legend Whitney Houston. But as they say, "the show must go on"...and so must the C&C red carpet critique.

Here are my top choices from the evening.

Love the dress, the belt and the hair...neutral on the shoes, but overall a winner!

Malin Akerman knows how to put together an edgy yet chic look as well as anyone. I LOVE the shoes and especially how they play off the architectural lines of the dress.

A classic beauty. Carrie Underwood rarely disappoints (in Gomez Gracia).

GP looking sleek and edgy...very Grammy appropriate.

 Only one word for Rihanna in Giorgio Armani...HOT!

Taylor Swift in Zuhair Murad. The hair, the makeup and the dress...all golden!

As for these ladies....

I'm on the fence on Kate Beckinsale...I want to like it, but something about it tells me I shouldn't...maybe it's the length of the black bow and the draping on her right hip...

The black dress with a gold accessory statement piece was clearly a trend of the evening. I love the dress and the shoes...again, to die for! I just don't love the necklace and the hair.

Kathy Griffin usually gets it so wrong, but I actually think she looks nice in this Michael Kors. The dress would look better in a darker or more vibrant color, but overall this is a drastic improvement from past red carpets.

And there's nothing good to say about these fashion disasters...

Fergie said this (Jean Paul Gaultier) was her "safe choice". Can you imagine what the other one looked like? Yikes!

Nicky Minaj...WTF?

Robyn...again...no words!

And, to end the Grammy recap..Sophia Grace and Rosie dazzled in their pink and gold Ellen ensembles! If you haven't seen them, check out this video for a taste of this dynamic duo! They are going places.


  1. Taylor Swift usually puts me to sleep. Glad to see her shaking things up. She looks great.