December 1, 2011

Let's Talk Spring

When looking at the title of this post I know you are thinking..."how can we talk Spring when Winter has barely begun?" Yes, I know I am ahead of myself, but HELLO...let's just take a second to get ahead of ourselves and look at this amazing Spring 2012 Collection from Heidi Merrick

 I die for that colorblock shirt and dress!

 Loving the lace!

 The mini dress is Ba-na-nas!

And the knitwear...oh the knitwear! If Spring looks this good, I say let's just skip Winter!


  1. Hot pink should be year round!

  2. I agree. Let's just skip winter. I'm already over it, and I haven't even pulled out my heavy coats yet! I'm especially loving the third slide. I would wear every single look as is. Love it!