December 26, 2011

Bringing to the Beach

As you read this, I am enjoying some sun and relaxation in Mexico. We have been spending Christmas there for the last 22 years, so it's the norm for us to have a white "sand" Christmas. Our destination, Punta Pescadero, is totally off the beaten path. That means I will be bringing my comfortable and casual beach clothes. It's the ultimate relaxing vacation. So, here is a list of my must haves for my beach vacation! And stay tuned later this week for more beach picks from a few other bloggers!

Rainbow Sandals are a must have for any beach vacation!

To keep your face protected from the sun a good wide brim straw hat is a necessity!

I usually read at least 3 books over the holiday. This is my current book club pick that I will be reading, Just Kids by Patti Smith.

You can't have a beach vacation without a good pair of sunglasses. I actually just got this new pair of Kate Spade cat eye prescription sunglasses, but unfortunately they won't be ready until after I return! Big Bummer!

Clearly I will be bringing multiple bathing suits (the one below included which I got 1+ years ago from VS). I like to have at least one bandeau top so I can minimize tan lines, but we'll see how much sun bathing I get with an 8 month old baby! 

A big tote is essential for any vacation, especially with a baby. I received this fabulous tote (in green and navy) from my friend SC. It's from C Wonder  and it's fabulous!

And last but not least, I couldn't go to Mexico without taking a little barre3 along with me. I will be packing my ball, and Katie and I will be holding our own barre3 classes beach side. I'll have to do something to work off the guacamole and margaritas!

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