December 28, 2011

Bringing to the Beach - Kate Collins Interiors

Happy Wednesday! Today's guest post comes from Kate, a dear friend of Katie's from college and blogger and designer extraordinaire behind Kate Collins Interiors

Hi everyone!  I'm absolutely honored to be guest posting today on Katie and Regan's blog. I am a huge fan of Cardigans & Couture and of the two incredibly stylish twins who are the geniuses behind the blog.  

When Katie asked me if I would write a guest post on the ten things I would bring to a warm climate, I jumped at the opportunity!  It just so happens that I'm also currently enjoying some R & R not too far from where Regan and Katie are. This post helped me to get packing...well, at least virtually packing.

#1  First of all, you can't spend a second out in the bright sun without sunnies, so why not make them stylish sunglasses?!

I'm a go big or go home type sunglasses gal; the large Kate Spade Rae's fit the bill.

#2 Even though I'm all about getting a tan, I don't really like the thought of wrinkles. The second thing I would pack for warm weather is a large hat.

I'm a sucker for all things monogram so I've got to have it on my sunhat.  Marley Lilly can whip one up for me in custom colors and for a great price - $29.99

#3  Well now that I've got my hat and sunnies, I obviously need a bathing suit for the beach.  This is the part I hate, finding a flattering suit.  

I used to spend a pretty penny on a suit but lately I've been more into Target. I've found their suits to be really flattering and fun in style and colors.  A classic navy/white stripe top with pink happens to be my very favorite combo - just check out the header of my website to see. :)

#4  Now that I'm all suited up, it's time for some cover up action.  

The J. Crew Sundowner tunic in engineered stripe is preppy perfection. Plus, you could easily dress it up for a stroll around town.

#5  Speaking of strolling, I think I'll need some shoes on my feet from time to time.

Without a doubt, I would go for the Jackie Tuccia Capri Sandals in the red lizard. We are dreaming right?  At $168, I don't actually own these shoes, but in my dreams, I wear them every day. They simply go with everything.  Plus, Capri is one of my favorite places on earth.

#6  I seem to be pretty much covered for the beach but I'll need a little something for my shopping excursions in town.

I love the colors and pattern of this Mara Hoffman maxi dress; if I ever grew tired of wearing it, I'd turn it into pillows.  It's something that could easily be worn out at night as well.

#7  Speaking of the night, I couldn't possibly go without a cardigan.  

I know it's a heavy cardigan, but I can get very cold at night. I love the neutral color that will go with anything and the tuxedo collar.

#8  I'm going to need some sort of jewelry for my outfits. I would def. bring this Michael Kors watch, especially since my husband just bought me this for Christmas!!

The Michael Kors watch is more then just a useful item to check if it's close to cocktail time; it's also a great jewelry statement piece. 

#9  Because I'm on vacation and feeling in an experimental mood, I'd push my fashion limits and wear these sequin shorts for a festive night out.

I'd completely tame it down with my simple J. Crew tunic and sandals. But why not do something a little different?

#10 Finally, I get very stir crazy so I can't really be on a beach vacation without some reading material. I never leave home without some sort of shelter magazine. I would have a whole pile of back issues of House and Home...

It's a Canadian magazine that I only began subscribing to this year and it's amazing! On this dream vacation, I would have all of the issues I've ever missed of House and Home. computer please whisk me away to a sunny place with all of these wonderful goodies! 

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  1. I love H&H too!! It's less snooty than a lot of the US mags, but not full of cheap stuff.