November 29, 2011

Weekend Recap - The Big City

Coming to you this lovely Tuesday from the East Coast. I thought I'd share some pictures from our Thanksgiving weekend. We spent it up North where Dr. B is from, the great State of New York! With weather in the 60s, it couldn't have been more beautiful. On Saturday, we took a quick train ride from Westchester into the city.

We arrived at Grand Central station (I could have sworn I saw Gossip Girl), then headed straight for Central Park. 

Thankfully New York has no shortage of places to eat or shop. Between street vendors, delis, and fine dining, the Big Apple is your oyster (that doesn't sound quite apple an oyster?) Apparently, Laduree is the hot ticket these days, as the line was around the corner. As much as I love their delectable macaroons, there was no way I was going to convince Dr. B to stand in that line. I have a better chance of persuading him into a trip to Paris. 

Sunday, we finished off the weekend at the Jets game, where we spend much of our fall. Thankfully being from Idaho I was a NFL free agent when it came to fandom...I got picked up by the Jets three years ago (I'm pretty sure that's why Dr. B agreed to date me in the first place). I REFUSE to wear your typical game gear...clearly. In the Fall I have a green and white Ralph Lauren blouse that I bought just for the games. This Sunday Dr. B said I had too many colors, I told him that clearly he needed a lesson in jewel tones.

Now it's back to work and to the gym to make up for the quadruple servings I ate at every meal for four days straight (completely worth it!) Regan and I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend! 

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  1. Is that the Old Navy chambray I see?! Looks great!

  2. Yes it is! Thanks to your photo of it, I bought it!!!