November 17, 2011

Stripes Galore

Remember these mittens from the last Olympics? I bet you don't know who they're made by. I didn't, and I even have a pair (which I love, even though I'm American...OBSESSED with all things Winter Olmpics...can't wait until 2014 in Russia). 

They are made by Hudson's Bay Company, or "The Bay," North America's oldest commercial corporation and one of the oldest in the world. Who knew?! What started out as a fur trading company, incorporated by English Royal Charter in 1670, today owns and operates retail stores around Canada. Its parent company also owns Lord & Taylor here in the states. But enough of this history lesson, lets get down to the good stuff - namely a collection of stripes that I am OBSESSED with (you'll be seeing the appearance of some stripes at my wedding in August - stay tuned). Here are a few things from the HBC Collection that I wouldn't turn down...hint, hint Dr. B. 

P.S. The tote, is $10.00. That's right, 10 buckaroos! You can barely get lunch for that, let alone a totally adorable tote. 


  1. Love stripes, and love your blog! You are so talented. (From Tita)

  2. Thanks Tita!!! Thanks for reading!

  3. Katie! Was in montreal this week and got the cute baby gear for all my family kiddo christmas presents! a few checked off the list...thanks for the suggestions :)