September 13, 2011

Target Treasures

So here it is people...all $223 of my Missoni for Target. For that much I could actually buy real Missoni...well maybe a piece or two.

Rain Boots, a necessity for Portland, and actually I was in need of a new pair. Not bad for $34.99!

These were a total impulse grab. The infinity scarf was $24.99 and the hat $16.99. They might become gifts, or I may keep them. TBD...

A makeup/toiletry bag was on my want/need list, and I walked away with these two beauties. I am only going to keep one of them. The other will either go back or to the "gift closet". The square one was $24.99 and the other $19.99.

These cute little headbands (two per package) have GIVE AWAY written all over them! Stay tuned in the coming weeks.

And now for the pies de resistance. This stuff was worth standing in line for. Hat and mittens $16.99, skirt $19.99, leggings $19.99, and cardigan $24.99. To be honest, this is more than I usually spend on clothes for the Mini Fashionista, since she grows out of things so quickly, but this stuff is really dang cute...real Missoni or not!


  1. omg, was there anything left in Portland? I need to get there today!! I want those cosmetic bags and the boots! Good picks!

  2. Nice work! The boots are adorable, and I was going to get the cosmetic bag myself. Thanks for posting the photos.

  3. i love the cosmetic bag! i really want a pair of flats... i dont know if i can make it out to target fast enough though. xoxo jillian:: enter to win a knit cowl!

  4. This stuff is already on ebay for more than real Missoni! I am so down for a headband giveaway :)

  5. With this stuff selling on ebay for nearly double what I paid, I should sell it!

  6. LOVE the boots and make-up bag! Thank goodness I'll just be mom to boys ... those baby clothes are too cute.