September 22, 2011

Birthday Bash

Today is my (our) birthday! Katie is in California for a friend's wedding, so unfortunately we won't be celebrating together like we did last year. She is Renting the Runway for the wedding and rehearsal dinner, so hopefully she will report back on her experience and share some photos.

Tonight I am headed out with friends, my wonderful husband and the Mini Fashionista for dinner at my favorite restaurant, Caffe Mingo. We eat there at least once a month and for nearly every birthday, anniversary, etc. I highly recommend it to those Portlanders that have never been and to anyone visiting Portland. On to the important stuff...I got a fabulous black dress and pony hair flats at Zara on our recent trip to D.C. and they will be perfect for the occasion. Here is what tonight's outfit will consist of...

These were the last pair in the store, and the photo does not do them justice! BEE even has a pair!

As for the dress, I couldn't find it online, so this one will have to do as a placeholder. My dress is short sleeve, fitted at the top, and has a slight A Line pleated skirt with pockets. It also has an exposed gold zipper on the back, and it is a bit more classic, a la Audrey Hepburn. 

Zipper Dress $79.90

I'll probably make it a black and gold evening and carry my Kate Spade Gold Coast Elizabeth bag (see previous post for details).

Jewelry is TBD. I will try to get my +1 to take a few photos since I'm rarely dressed well enough to justify a photo, so the event should be documented!

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