July 15, 2011

Sip & Swap

Last night I went to my first clothing swap, hosted by The Swapaholics--a group that does this all over the country. Cool concept. Why didn't I think of it? Here's how it goes. Buy a ticket to the event, bring a bag of clothes that you don't wear any more (everyone else does the same), and then after they've got it all set up (while you've been sipping), send in the swarming women! This wasn't a casual exchange of duds. Oh no. This is what I'd expect at the Filene's basement wedding dress sale...women flying around, searching for their sizes, undressing, taking things that under any other circumstance they may, in fact, never wear.

The "swappers" all ready to go

And I thought searching at TJ Maxx was tiring!
Thankfully, I had fellow D.C. Fashion and Beauty Bloggers Casie, Marta, and Liz there to partake in the swapping play-by-play with me. "And the short blonde goes in for one of 20 pairs of Express Jeans. She scores!!!"

Liz of So Much to Smile About and Marta of Martafacts

Casie of whippedSTYLE, Liz, Marta, and Me
While the girls who walked (likely skipped) away with my Alice and Olivia, Tory Burch, Brooks Brothers, and Theory (to name a few brands) ensembles, I did get three things that I think I'll be able to incorporate into my wardrobe--particularly the Lands End pants (with sales tag)--watch out color blocking. The DC Fabb girls also got a few finds -- Marta some Jack Rogers gold sandals and Casie a really cute skirt. A swapping success.

Lands End capris, Merona brown dress, J-Crew clam diggers 


  1. Great photos! You got some great stuff. All the Swapaholic ladies are so great, glad you got to meet them! Take care!

  2. wow what a great idea! i wonder if they do something like this in chicago... xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  3. Thanks girls! It was a fun event!

  4. So fun! Katie, what purse are you carrying in the picture? It's so cute as well as your fun finds too!

  5. very cool concept! those pants are rad.

  6. I was at the swap too! I came away with a couple of dresses. Really love your finds. The color of those Lands End capris = fab!