July 28, 2011

Role Play

If I had to choose an actress to play me (as if my life story is that interesting...), Jennifer Garner would be at the top of my list. She is classically beautiful, chic and sophisticated, yet she seems so approachable and normal despite her celebrity status. We also share a love for designer Oscar de la Renta. Unfortunately she is the only one of us actually wearing his designs. Anyway...here are a few of my favorite Jen Garner looks (there are so many to choose from).

This Oscar de la Renta is pretty much ba-na-nas (maybe RZ picked it out).

If I had to choose a red carpet look, this fuchsia Zac Posen might be at the top of my list. The color is phenomenal and I LOVE the drape of the dress. I'll take the body too...

Juicy Couture at a press conference in Tokyo. 

At the Oscar's in Oscar. Enough Said.  

As for these photos, this shows that Jen's just like the rest of us; she wears cardigans, sneakers, rain coats and baseball hats...because not every day calls for Couture. 

What actress would you choose to star in your life story?


  1. I love her! I firmly believe that if she worked in advertising in Dallas we'd be friends and do lunch :)

  2. Mad Men's Christina Hendricks. She's a curvy, red-head who seems so practical and smart. And a lot more diplomatic than I'll ever be!