July 22, 2011

Feature Friday - MartaFacts

It's Feature Friday and today, in all of its bloody hotness (it's supposed to be 115 with the heat index), we're featuring fellow D.C. Fashion and Beauty Blogger, Marta of MartaFacts. It's way too hot to waste time opining about how great Marta and her blog are. Because if they weren't, would they be on Feature Friday. I think not. So, pick up a fruity beverage (appropriate to the time of day, of course) and get to reading.

Hi! Happy Friday, and thanks to Cardigans & Couture for having me guest post. I'm Marta from MartaFacts - where I blog about lots of different things, but mostly stuff I want to buy (even though I'm on temporary shopping hiatus). Like Katie, I'm engaged and in the throes of wedding planning. So far it's been 50% fun, 50% stressful logistics! I'm just ready to be married. My favorite part about wedding planning (so far) is taking the traditions and putting my own spin on them. For instance, I'm going to abide by the standard "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue" adage with some "Marta-only" twists.

1. Something Old
This can be as easy or as hard as you want to make it. If you're donning your mother's wedding gown - done! But other people satisfy this part of the wedding mantra with antique jewelry, vintage handkerchiefs, or other accessories. I'm thinking my "something old" will be jewelry related, but my other "something old" will definitely be makeup. I don't want to recreate the wheel here - I want to look like myself, but flawless! So I'll be keeping my makeup true to myself - clean and classic. Another thing I'll be keeping the same? My scent! I love Vera Wang (and how perfect for a wedding day).

One of my favorite scents by one of my favorite bridal designers - Vera Wang

2. Something New
For many people, the dress is the easiest something new! And hopefully for others, their hubby-to-be will treat them to a little something special on the day of! But don't disregard your boudoir! New lingerie is a MUST for the wedding night. Hubba hubba.

Unleash your inner sex kitten with a structured corset from Agent Provocateur. Or wear some simple, sweet, and communicative (and comfortable!) Hanky Pankys. Or go romantic in this wrap teddy from Kiki de Montparnasse. You really can't go wrong if you get all three (and tell your bridesmaids!)

3. Something Borrowed
Honestly, this is the hardest category for me. Let's be serious - If I could buy everything new for my wedding, I would! Tradition goes, to increase your luck, borrow something from someone with a happy marriage. I'm planning on borrowing a pair of my mom's biggest diamond earrings (if she lets me).

Unless, of course, my fiance would like to purchase some for me... (Warning: Don't buy diamonds online!)

4. Something Blue

Now it's time to have some fun. My wedding will be classic and elegant in many respects, but I want to have some splashes of color where I can. I plan on wearing blue shoes for sure! Staid, traditional white/ivory bridal shoes just aren't doing it for me. 

Blue shoe options range from Carrie Bradshaw's iconic Manolos, feminine Kate Spades, or glitzy Guccis.

My other idea is to slip on some fun, blue jewelry for the reception. I love these Ippolita earrings for just that reason! But you can add blue to your jewelry trousseau in many different ways - whether it's a classic blue pearl bracelet or royal, Kate Middleton-inspired clip-on earrings.

Duchess diamonds from Kenneth Jay Lane, classic blue pearls from Blue Nile, and notice-me Ippolita danglers.

How will you be personalizing your wedding?