June 19, 2011

What I Wore Today

The other day Jamie from I Suwannee tweeteed about a maxi dress from Target, so I decided to check it out (P.S. it's now sold out) - I've been in the market for a new one. After some emails back and forth between my closest advisors, I bought it. It came the other day, and while I was a little skeptical about the horizontal stripes and how "hippy" it made me look, I decided if I added a cardigan, it broke it up enough to be a keeper. Oh, and I forget to mention, this dress is like wearing PAJAMAS!

Today, for a little shopping expedition to Georgetown, was its inaugural wear. I paired it with a Target short-sleeved cardi, 6 year-old Pazzo sandals (love wearing things in my closet that have been around for a while - glad they didn't go to Goodwill), my beloved Angela Caputi bracelets, and I stole my BF's watch, for that little extra something. I think it works. Other ideas for what to wear it with?

In other news, we're off to Turks and Caicos in 13 days (booked it last night), so stay tuned for some beach themed posts! I did some damage at H & M and Zara today in preparation for the trip!

P.S. I cut my hair a little over a week ago - 7 inches - so big change, and totally on a whim. But overall I think I like it. At least I know I can be Anna Wintour for Halloween.

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