June 7, 2011

Oh Baby

I promised long ago to keep C&C focused on fashion, but I feel as if I need to share a few things baby related. Okay, so I know I've only had a baby for a few months, but I can tell you already these items should be on any mother's "must have" list. Don't worry, we'll be back with more adult related topics tomorrow!

I am not a big fan of pacifiers, but they definitely have their time and place. That said, I highly suggest the Avent Soothies. Also, make sure to get a Binkie Bungie as they seem to magically disappear just when you need them most.

When shopping for a stroller, I knew I wanted a 3 wheel jogging stroller. I had originally settled on the BOB, until I discovered the Bumbleride Indie. Not only is it functional, but it is far more fashionable...I chose the Seagrass, but it also comes in pink, red and orange.

This tub is perfect for anyone who wants something functional and compact. It fits in nearly any sink and flattens out so it can easily be hung in a shower or bathtub to dry.

Every Fashionista needs a fabulous diaper bag, and the "Kate" from MZ Wallace does not disappoint. This bag holds more than I could ever need, and it doesn't look like a diaper bag.

MZ Wallace Kate Diaper Bag $399

Not only is a good carrier necessary for walking, but also for getting things done around the house "hands free". The ERGO baby can also be used with the Infant insert. I call it the baby taco!

Yes, this looks like a straight jacket, or "Jail" as my mother calls it, but the Mini Fashionista started sleeping for 8 hours at only 6 weeks old, so there has to be something to this!

Forget your traditional drying rack! This looks cool (I have it in our window box) and is SO functional! I never thought drying bottles could be so chic!


  1. Loved all of these rec's! even though i'm without a bebe... yet. and you've gotta be the most fashion forward mama out there (:

  2. Thanks Sarah! Glad you like my suggestions! I've got a million more, when the time comes! :)