May 17, 2011

"Jumping" In

I finally bit the bullet and bought my first jumpsuit, and I'm thrilled! I'd been holding off trying to find just the right one that was age appropriate, figure flattering, and versatile. And then I found this gem by Marc by Marc Jacobs on Gilt Group for 50% off the retail price! Ca-Ching! It came in black and green and I debated back and fourth and finally went with the black. I know this is going to be my go-to for summer and even fall with great tights! Jump for joy for the jumpsuit!


  1. I love that green - it's perfect! I'm on an emerald kick lately :)

  2. I just caved and bought my first denim long jumpsuit from Vince. I think I've lost my marbles a little on this one but I like it. My husband calls it my gas attendant suit. :)

  3. Kate - share a pic! Would love to see! I'm wearing mine Friday night for the first time and may post a pic on the FB page. We'll see.

    Haley, I'm with you, LOVE green!