April 16, 2011

On the Hunt

A few weeks ago in "On the Street," Bill Cunningham mused about the resurgence of fox fur stoles as we transition seasons. Personally, I'm a huge fan. What a great way to keep warm and look fabulous on cool mornings and brisk nights. Since we all won't be able to score the amazing, colorful striped numbers from Prada (sigh), I thought I'd go on the "hunt" for some alternatives, while we anxiously await for the H&Ms, Forever 21s, and Zaras of the world to integrate them into next year's lines.

1). Michael Kors - $245.00
2). Rachel Zoe for QVC (comes in several styles) - $29.00
3). Overstock.com - $17.99


  1. And, just to clarify, by "fox" fur stoles, you mean "faux" fur stoles, right? (Please don't tell me you're promoting fur--especially if it is Prada).

  2. Yes, they are all faux, sorry for not clarifying.