February 25, 2011

Designer Profile

While watching CBS Sunday Morning this past weekend, I came to learn a bit more about renowned fashion designer Elie Tahari....a story I knew I had to share.

Tahari is no stranger to the fashion industry. His first boutique opened on Madison Avenue in 1974, and he has been a household name ever since. What you probably don't know is that when Tahari immigrated to the United States in 1971 he was an electrician, had no training in fashion and was homeless. After seeking out work in the garment district and working in a boutique in Greenwich Village, he began to design women's clothing inspired by the New York night club scene. Today, Tahari's company is valued at an estimated 500 million, and he lives in a Luxury high rise overlooking Central Park and the benches where he spent many a night. Truly a "rags to riches" kind of story.

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