January 19, 2011

The Mini Fashionista

It's not often that I use C&C to post about my personal life, but I figured this event is worth mentioning. Three months from now, there will be another fashionista in our household...one who wears mini cardigans (and probably not so much couture)!

Over the last few months I have enjoyed taking our office and transforming it into a chic and modern space for the baby. And, just like I mix and match the pricing of items in my wardrobe, I combined some expensive things with some not so expensive. Here's a sneak peek...and I promise to post actual photos once the room is complete.

May I also use this opportunity to say that the frequency of my posts may decrease come April...but my fabulous twin sister will be filling in, so look forward to a new perspective on Cardigans & Couture.

(My apologies for the issues with the image in the original post)

1. Herman Miller Eames Rocking Chair
3. West Elm Pebble Stripe Rug- no longer available. I got it on SALE!
4. Byrdie Graphics Vinyl Wall Decals- in white, as the walls are grey
8. Tiptoe Studio Bedding- with a few slight differences


  1. Look forward to being an auntie and a contributing blogger! XOXO

  2. Thanks! I know she will be especially stylish because of you!

  3. Congrats on your upcoming motherhood! I look forward to seeing pictures and hearing Katie's perspective!!