September 24, 2009

Timeless Classic

There is no bag I covet more than the Chanel 2.55 (named for its February 1955 debut). Someday I will own one.

Coco Chanel created the bag because she was tired of putting her purse down and losing it, so she added the shoulder strap to a clutch. What goes into making this $2,495 bag? During production, there are 180 essential operations performed, and it takes 6 to 15 craftspeople working 18 hours on each bag. Another fun fact, the garnet lining was inspired by the uniform she wore as an orphan. All that work certainly must make it worth the price!


  1. UGH. And I''m obsessed with the model, Alexa Chung. Stalk her, love her, let her inspire your every outfit:)

    Love, Nellie

  2. Nellie,
    Thanks for educating me on the model! I get so focused on the bag I hardly notice what else is in the photo!

  3. Alexa Chung IS HUGE...she's more than a model. MTV's blog has a what-Alexa-wore post every day.

  4. should check it out, Regs. I think you'd like!