June 9, 2009

80's Flashback

I swore that 80's fashions would never make a comeback (or at least I hoped), but I was wrong. Just in time for Summer, Toywatch has launched a new line of interchangeable Jelly Watches with faces and bands in a variety of colors. Conveniently, Jelly Sandals are also making a comeback.

This brings back memories of the late 80's and wearing a Swatch Watch and Jelly Sandals! Please Fashion Gods....don't reincarnate stirrup pants and leg warmers. I beg you!

Toywatch $175

1) Tods $175, 2)Michael Michael Kors $75
3) Ralph Lauren Collecti$195, 4) See by Chloe $125


  1. I love jellies! Oh, wait...we're not supposed to confess that in Portland, right? Something about the environment...

  2. Oh I am obsesssssed with ToyWatch and LOOOOVE the pictured set. MUST HAVE! Xoxo-BLC