May 2, 2009

Wedding Season

As summer quickly approaches Wedding Season is eminent and thus the challenge of what to wear? Assuming you are a bridesmaid, you don't have a choice. Basically, you are like the FOB (father of the bride), you get to shell out (those bridesmaid dresses are never cheap), show up, and shut up! It's the bride's day, and your job is to wear the dress and act like you love it, even if you will be taking it to Goodwill immediately following the event. Every bride claims the dress she has chosen is something you "can wear again", but from my experience, this is seldom the case.
At some point in time I came across a fabulous online shop called Chloe and Reese. They sell classic silhouettes in a plethora of colors and fabrics. My favorite is the Silk Faile Strapless Party Dress. Brides, if you chose this one, your maids are sure to thank you.


  1. We're going to wedding events this weekend and I've been thinking ever since we got the invitation I need something new to wear and I STILL haven't found anything. I love the Chloe and Reese dresses. Time to go shopping....

  2. I love it! Do you know how fast I would ruin a silk dress at a wedding reception? :)