May 12, 2009


There is nothing better than a great tote. It is the perfect bag for work, travel, and play! Every year there seems to be a new "it" style for the tote... the Goyard St. Louis (if only I could justify up to $1500 for a tote, seriously), the "I'm Not a Plastic Bag", the classic Longchamp tote, and the bag I toted in college, an Herve Chapelier. While all of these totes are functional and fashionable, I tend to use and abuse my bags, so something with a lower price tag is probably a better choice. Here are a few totes I found that are still "tote-ally" chic but won't break the bank. I have the Cole Haan bag and love it!

LL Bean Summer Garden Boat and Tote $30

Saldarini "Espadrille" Stiped Tote $88

1 comment:

  1. The LL Bean totes last FOREVER and my Longchamps tote can definitely take the abuse without breaking a sweat. Good quality totes are a must! I love the Cole Haan Market Tote...