May 5, 2009

Lux for Less

Given the current state of the economy, I am trying to cut back on my shopping and be more thoughtful about my purchases, but that doesn't stop me from yearning for some retail therapy every now and again. Not only do I miss bringing home my new treasures, but I miss browsing. I love seeing the newest designer collections, trying on sunglasses, and drooling over the shoes and handbags I cannot afford.
There is something fun (and sometimes therapeutic) about making a day of shopping with your girl friends, taking your mother (and hopefully her credit card) out for a day on the town, or popping into your favorite store after work. My problem is, if I go, I will buy.

I've discovered a low price, quick fix, answer to the problem, a fabulous book teNeues called Luxury Stores, Top of the world. Here you can tour the most luxurious stores of the world, without even leaving the comfort of your own home, and for only $66.50 on Amazon. Not only do you avoid the post shopping guilt, but you also avoid the snotty shop girls, which is even better.

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