May 20, 2009

It Must be Said

For any of you Gossip Girl fans, I know you must be contemplating Monday's season finale. While they certainly left me wondering how things will pick back up....(so many new story lines I don't know what to think), what really has been running circles through my mind was Serena's blue dress. First off, it must be said, Blake Lively has an incredible "rack." (is there a PC way to state that as a female?). The blue dress was hot (speculations are on Ralph Lauren), but was it graduation appropriate? I certainly didn't wear anything like that to any of my graduations.
Until next season....xoxo

P.S. not sure I am digging Blair's cardigan....


  1. NOT graduation appropriate at all! BTW did you notice how she wasn't even wearing a mortar board??! She had a tassel pinned to her hair! I dont think that would exactly go over so well in prep school...

    Anyway, glad to see Chuck and Blair smooching. How romantic is he? It's insane.

  2. I did notice the tassle in her was pretty ridiculous. I totally would have made fun of that back in the day.

  3. Love GG but it is quite comical how each episode showcases Serena's rack. The dress is very pretty but rather random/inappropriate for a high school graduation. Who do you think Gossip Girl really is? Do you think it's one of the main characters? Georgina, perhaps?